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We're excited to open registration for Sinpozium 2014!

Dates: Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th June. (Long weekend for most of Australia!)

Venue: Sydney Central YHA (on the corner of Pitt Street and Rawson Place, Sydney), in the function room on level 9. This is the same venue as last year.

Cost: $25 for the weekend.

2014 Registration Form along with direct deposit payment information (please contact us if you wish to pay another way).

Further information

As it has been in the past, we hope it’ll be a great weekend of fannish fun and friends, with games, fandom pimps, discussions, vid watching and more. We will be starting to ask for volunteers/content suggestions in a separate post soon, along with posts for people looking for roommates, organising dinner on the Saturday night and a getting-to-know-each-other survey.

More information about the venue and about Sinpozium in general is available here. Please ask us if you’ve got any questions at all, either in the comments here (anon comments are welcome) or via sinpozium(at)

Registration cost is only $25 for the weekend. Registration includes the hire of the venue and equipment, but not food or accommodation. Payment is required up-front, your registration will not be confirmed until we have received payment, and attendance numbers are limited to 35 people only. Full refunds will be available until May 15th. International attendees, please contact us at sinpozium(at) to arrange payment.

We will be crossposting all LJ admin posts here and to our new Tumblr. We'll tweet when there's an announcement on @sinpozium. Please feel free to follow one or more of these accounts!

Please pimp Sinpozium to fannish friends who may be interested. We hope to see you all there in June!

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