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Thanks everyone for coming to Sinpozium 2013, I hope you all had fun, and maybe walked away with a new fandom or two...?

This post is for any followup you may have - maybe you promised a link to someone, maybe there's some media you want to share, maybe you forgot to ask a question in the q&a session.

Other than that, if you've got any questions or so forth for erilyn or alasen, please feel free to email us at sinpozium at :)

Hope to see you all again soon, whether it's at one of our saturday meetups, or other semi-local cons like [ profile] get__together, [ profile] room801au or Sinpozium 2014...?

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Draft Timetable up!
Please check out the draft timetable and let us know if:
- we've included something that you'll not be able to do (no problem, just let us know)
- if there's something else you'd like us to add
- if we've scheduled you for a time that you're not going to be available for
- if you've got any questions.

We've tried to build flexibility into the timetable (and can virtually guarantee that it will be amended a bit on the days). We aim to make sure there are plenty of breaks during the weekend, and there's time for unscheduled discussions and other stuff as it comes up during the weekend. ETA: Pimps should aim for about 30 mins, presentations/discussions for 45 mins.

A couple of things of note on Sunday afternoon: Mini Pimps is everyone’s opportunity to rec stuff without doing a full on pimp (maybe the source isn’t suited to it, or you don’t have time etc), be it games/books/comics/movies/shows etc (similar to the book rec session we had last year). Also on Sunday afternoon, Question Time builds off the tech panels we had last year, but instead of limiting it to tech, you can pick everyone’s brains (or talk everyone's ear off ;) on whatever topic of fannish interest that has been nagging at you.

We'll be there from about 9:00am, you are welcome to arrive whenever is convenient, and we won't get underway with anything timetabled until 9:30 am or so.

Registration mostly consists of getting a nametag (which we do ask that people keep on during the weekend - it makes things so much easier, especially for people who don't already know many other attendees, and for me [erilyn], cause I suck at remembering names), and getting a small refund, so make sure you check in with us [alasen] about that!

If you haven’t done the survey yet, please fill it out, it really helps us plan and gets a head start on meeting each other. If you've already completed it, why not take a look and see what other people have answered!

We've booked some tables for saturday night, but they never yell at us when we drag a few more tables together. We have had a suggestion that we go to the vivid sydney dr who light show after dinner, though that will likely depend on weather and how everyone is feeling on the night!

Any Questions?
Don’t forget there’s some useful info on our website, but please let us know if you have questions about any aspect of next weekend – timing of stuff, timetable, food, venue, transport, whatever!

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