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We will be running a tech panel at Sinpozium!

So far, we have volunteers to explain why the following are awesome and how you can get started:

* Pinboard
* Tumblr

Also, bring your ebook readers and you can show off your models and tell each other about the benefits/drawbacks of what you use to read fic.

Is there another fandom related service you'd like to share with others? Is there a service you'd like someone to explain to you? Let us know in the comments to this post!

If you'd like to pimp or discuss something else non-tech related, please let us know in the comments to this post

Other info:

>> if you've registered, please fill out this survey about yourself/your fandoms

>> if you haven't registered and are planning on coming, please register and do the survey

>> if you're hoping to come but can't register yet and haven't told us that, please do, it really helps us with planning if we've got as good an idea about numbers as possible

If you have any questions about any aspect of Sinpozium (more info is also available here), please comment here or email us at sinpozium(at)

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Thanks to all those who have registered already!

It would also be really helpful to hear from people who are hoping/planning to attend, but can't register yet. If so, could you please comment here or drop us an email at sinpozium(at) Just so we can have a better idea as to possible numbers.

If you have any questions (about registration, accommodation, events etc) that aren't covered on the website, or if you have suggestions/requests for things you'd like to happen at Sinpozium this year, please comment here or email us.

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Sinpozium is a go for 2012! It’s at the Y Hotel Hyde Park on Wentworth Avenue in Sydney, in the Mary Jane Barker B room (same as 2011) on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd June.

We hope it’ll be a great weekend of fannish fun and friends, with games, fandom pimps, discussions, vid watching and more. We will be starting to ask for volunteers/content suggestions very soon, along with posts for people looking for roommates, organising dinner on the Saturday night and a getting-to-know-each-other survey.

More information about the venue and about Sinpozium in general is available here. Please ask us if you’ve got any questions at all, either in the comments here (anon comments are welcome) or via sinpozium(at)

The short 2012 registration form is here, along with direct deposit payment information (please contact us if you wish to pay another way).

Registration cost is only $50 for the weekend (same as 2011, probably the only thing that hasn’t gone up in price this year!). Registration includes the hire of the venue and equipment, but not food or accommodation. Payment is required up-front, your registration will not be confirmed until we have received payment, and attendance numbers are limited to 35 people only. Full refunds will be available until May 15th. International attendees, please contact us at sinpozium(at) to arrange payment.

We will be crossposting all admin posts to our Livejournal community.

One thing is different from last year – the date. Instead of being on the June long weekend, it’s on the weekend before that. This is for a couple of reasons - it’s a long weekend in NZ (and they’ve got further to travel, if they’re able to make it), availability of the function space, and hopefully airfares will be cheaper for those coming interstate (plus it seemed many of those travelling last year already went home on the Sunday night).

Please pimp Sinpozium to fannish friends who may be interested. We hope to see you all there!

- [ profile] erilyn and [personal profile] alasen

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[personal profile] erilyn and I are tentatively scheduling Sinpozium 2012 for the June long weekend. However, as we're only planning a two day event, if there's a more appropriate weekend, we're open to looking at another time of year. So if you have any comments about this please let us know, though we can't guarantee anything.

If you've got any other questions or feedback also do let us know! We'll update you closer to next year but we wanted to let you know that we had such a good time last year, we're planning to hold it again. We hope you can join us!


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