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Just an update with dinner bookings - I have booked for a few over than the numbers that I was given in case of randoms.

Saturday - 7 pm - Sanctuary Hotel (cnr Liverpool & Kent St) - booking for 20 people
Sunday - 6:30 pm - Wagamama (Level 1, Galleries Victoria) - booking for 15 people.

We'll be walking down from the Y both days, but just in case, both bookings in the name of Alison.

Any other questions/concerns about Sinpoz, let us know, otherwise we will see you all tomorrow from 9:30!
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Thanks for filling in the dinner poll! After some slight statistical analysis, we have the following results in order of preference, as voted by the 15 people attending:

1. Sanctuary Hotel
2. Wagamama
3. & 4. - Jaipur Sweets & Grill'd.
As there were 2 people who couldn't eat at Macchiato Pizza (and was at the bottom of the voting anyway), I've eliminated them from the competition.

So, subject to any comments below, we're going to try and book for Sanctuary Hotel for Saturday, and Wagamama for Sunday night. I hope that everyone can still make it, if not, just drop us a line below or to sinpozium at

If you haven't filled in the poll, and you'd like to come to either or both of these options, just let us know so we can amend the numbers.

Thank you!
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If you've registered for Sinpoz, you should have an email update, including information about dinner choices. If you could answer that asap, that would be great.

If you haven't registered yet, what are you waiting for? :D
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Hey all,

[ profile] erilyn and I spent saturday afternoon investigating food places around the Y. We have a list of lunch-type places, which we'll be putting on a map with some other useful shops & services. We'll be providing this at sinpoz, but if you're arriving earlier than saturday morning and would like this info, please let us know.

In our original poll, lots of people expressed interest in having fan dinner(s). On saturday, we looked for places that
a) could fit about 25 people
b) were reasonably close to the Y (within 10 mins walk)
c) could accommodate a variety of dietary options
d) were reasonably cheap. (preferably below $20 main)

You might have guessed that finding places which met all this criteria wasn't going to happen! We did identify some potentials (some better than others!), which I will detail below and people can look at menus and discuss informally first before deciding.
Note that unless I specify we have not eaten at these places before or further investigated, but they all looked well established, city restaurants, but any comments on your experiences welcome. Sydney siders, if you do have a place that meets the requirements above, please let us know!

1. Sanctuary Hotel (menu available)
About 10-15 mins walk from the Y, mostly flat/gentle slope. This is a pub, but quite nice inside. Lots of room inside, could hang around at tables for ages, open late. Cheap - mains about $15 (+ cheaper specials on sunday nights). Pub food, but the menu is limited (particularly vegetarian). We have eaten here once a number of years ago and we have no (bad) memories of it.

2. Jaipur Sweets (menu available)
About 5 mins walk from the Y, down hill (& up back). Indian. Cheap - mains about $12. Vegetarian options, I'm not sure about gluten-free.

3. Macchiato Pizza Bar & Grill (menu available)
About 5 mins walk from the Y, mostly flat/gentle slope. Pizza & Pasta. Expensive. Mains about $30, Pizzas about $22.

4. Wagamama (menu available, dietary requirements, no prices)
About 10-15 minutes walk from the Y, mostly flat/gentle slope. Japanese. Moderate -mains about $20 from memory (but big servings!) Can accommodate vegetarian, vegan, gluten/wheat and lactose intolerance. Close to Kinokuniya bookshop which is open till 7 on saturday night (what?). We have eaten here.

5. Grill'd (menu available)
About 5 min walk from Y. More of a lunch place but we could probably all fit there unlike most of the other fast-like food places around the area. Burgers, moderately pricey for burgers but big & tasty - about $12 per burger. We have eaten here. Vegetarian options ; glutenfree option but dodgy ('may contain traces of gluten')

What do you think?
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[ profile] erilyn and I should hopefully be heading into town this weekend to scope out potential places we can have dinners. We're planning two at this point, saturday & sunday night, subject to interest.

While we're going to attempt to find places that can accommodate different dietary requirements (along with a range of other criteria), it would help us if we knew up front if we definitely need to accommodate anything specific (eg. vegetarian, vegan, coealiac, allergies, etc).

If you think that you'll be attending a Sinpoz dinner, and this applies to you, it would be great if you could comment or email sinpozium at with that information. Thank you!

We'll update you with the results of our expedition soon!
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Hey all, I just thought I would share my ideas about presenting things at Sinpoz, in case I can tempt a few more people into pimping their fandoms, sharing their fan activities or hosting a discussion, because joining in is all part of Sinpoz! (Of course, being an audience member is great too ;) These are just some thoughts I have had, having participated in previous sinpoziums and [ profile] get__together (our NZ sister con)

Fandom pimps!
These are very popular sessions at our cons! While most people (myself included) may often be heard to wail "I don't need another fandom!", this statement is lies lies and more lies. We live for new fandoms, and we want you to share yours with us. Even if we pretend we don't.

The most common way I've seen to pimp a media fandom is a clip show of slashy scenes, but it's not the only way if you're not quite that technical (or organised)! I've also seen slideshows along with commentaries work to excellent effect. You may think of another way you can showcase your fandom too.

In general, what I'd keep in mind here is - keep it short (some of us do not have long attention spans, *ahem*), keep it SLASHY (we are a slash con after all!) , keep it funny (or at least light hearted!). Introduce your fandom and relationships, or make sure the chosen clips can stand alone. Get someone to beta your presentation if you can - if they don't know the fandom and become interested you definitely have a winner!

If you suspect your fandom may already be well known, this doesn't mean you can't include it - maybe try talking about it from a different aspect or approach, focus on minor pairings, or perhaps make it a celebration of an older fandom.

Don't forget to tell us why your fandom is so awesome! Is it a small or big fandom, are there good writers, artists, vidders, reccers? Where can we find the fanworks? Do you have a list of fanwork recs you can post for us? You might also like to have a copy of the source with you for any potential recruits, or at least advice about where it can be obtained.

Sharing your fan activities
Are you a vidder? A writer? A fan artist? A reccer? Do you run a fandom-related challenge? Work for a fan organisation? Talk about it! Tell us about your activities, run a how-to workshop, share the love.

Host a discussion
Got a burning fandom (meta or otherwise) question you want to talk about with others? Run a discussion! Be warned, fans do like to argue and can segue at the drop of a hat - you will likely have to be well versed in keeping a large group of people on point.

Something else?
Maybe you have an idea for something else you'd like to do at Sinpoz that I haven't thought of! Let us know!

Current presentations
Here's a list of things people have tentatively volunteered for already! (if i've missed one, they're on this post)

If there's a fandom or discussion you'd be interested in that's not listed, you're welcome to comment here (ie LJ to keep everything in one place) and someone may be inspired!

* vid show
* hawaii five-0 pimp
* gordon korman novels pimp
* nightrunner novels pimp
* fandom reboot discussion
* Merlin pimp
* Justified pimp
* fanlore party
* otw/ao3/wrangling intro
* fandom you're doing it wrong discussion
* hot fuzz pimp

Last Words
In the interest of caring for others, it would be appreciated if you would do your best to warn (at least verbally before your presentation) for any obvious squicks or triggers in your presentations or media, such as (but not limited to) underage, noncon, rps or strong violence, and especially sexual violence. Sinpozium attendees should be aware however, that presentations may contain content that discomforts you without warnings.

Please comment on the LJ post :
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hey all, it's less than 7 weeks til Sinpozium, and less than 4 weeks til we have to finalise our room setup with the hotel. So this is your annoying periodical reminder to register soon if you haven't, or at least please let us know if you're still hoping to register, so we have the most accurate idea of numbers.

At this stage, we're most likely going with a slightly smaller space than we initially reserved, which will limit the maximum number of attendees to 32-35ish. For those who've been to Sinpozium at the Y Hotel before, this space will still be larger than what we had previously, you won't need to sit in each other's laps (unless you want to).

If you're already registered, please fill out the registration survey so we can get to know each other a bit before Sinpozium.

And if you have any questions (registration, transport, accommodation, venue, the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow), please comment here or email us at
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Please use the post linked below if you’re looking for roommate(s) at the Y Hotel, the Travelodge Sydney (down the road from the Y) or elsewhere around the city. Info on accommodation can be found on our website.

To make it easier for people to talk in the one location, please comment on this LJ post:
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Registration for Sinpozium is open!

Sinpozium 2011 will be held Saturday 11 June to Sunday 12 June 2011, at the Y Hotel on the Park, Sydney. More information is found on our website -

Registration cost is $50 - this includes the hire of the venue and equipment. It does not include accommodation or food. Payment is required up-front, preferably via direct deposit - your registration will not be confirmed until we have received payment, and attendance numbers are limited. Full refunds will be available until May 20th. International attendees, please contact us at to arrange payment.

To register, please fill out the short registration form and transfer payment to the account details provided after you have submitted. Please use the part of your email address (as provided on the form) before the @ symbol as the transaction description so that we can match payments to registrations. We'll confirm with you via email that you are registered.

We will post more information on panel suggestions, introductions and other things closer to June. You are welcome to leave comments on this post as a placeholder till then! Please see the next post for roommate hunting.
Hoping to see you at Sinpoz!
[personal profile] alasen & [ profile] erilyn

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