Jun. 4th, 2014

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The weekend is approaching \o/

Draft timetable
For your reference, draft timetable - presenters, please let us know if there are any conflicts or other issues. As every year, we anticipate a flexible schedule, which is why there are no set times! If there's something you can't do after all (or a last minute addition!), just let us know.

erilyn & I will aim to be there around 9, but things won't get underway till 9:30. We'll provide you with a name sticker so that I won't be forced once again to yell across a crowded room "hey you, person that I know" to someone I've known for years.

Sydney Central YHA. Corner of Pitt Street and Rawson Place, Sydney. We're in the function room on level 9.
Take the lift to level 8 and then - we're sorry - the steep flight of stairs to level 9. The pool is on your left, the corridor leading to the room is on your right. If you do require lift access, please let us know as this can be arranged, but the hostel needs notice.

Getting there
Public Transport: Nearest train station is Central (about 3 mins walk). Nearest train station to dinner is Town Hall (10 mins walk from venue, 3 mins walk from dinner). Note that the Airport line has some track work this weekend.
Car: If you're coming to dinner (or don't mind a walk), we suggest parking in either Cinema Parking ($12? no website, you can enter via kent st on the left), or Town Hall House ($10 if you pre book).

Lunch: You're welcome to bring your own lunch and/or snacks, but see also the map below for nearby fast food to bring back to the room if you choose. At least one person will be in the room during lunch.
Dinner: Please take our dinner poll if you haven't already - the Sanctuary is pretty flexible but it's good to have an idea.

Here's the local area map we provided last year about places near by - we very much hope it's still current!

We can't guarantee this of course, but the forecast is 11-20 with a few showers both days. Bring your umbrella!

Please let us know if we've missed anything! See you soon :D

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