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Thanks Alasen and Erilyn for organising Sinpozium again, it was such a fun weekend! Here's some playlists and things from my kpop talk. I've included the full clips of everything I showed excerpts from, plus a lot more.

As I said BTS is the easiest group to get into so I've included a lot of links about them, but if any of the other groups strike your fancy let me know and I'll try to point you to some more fun stuff. I'm popliar on tumblr, littlerhymes on twitter, always happy to talk pop! :)

Youtube playlists
Music Videos (MVs)
Dance Practices
Variety and Reality TV
BTS youtube nonsense
Best of BTS MVs (plus a couple of live stages)

BTS VLive content

Many kpop groups upload livestreams and reality tv content to the VLive website and app. The majority of content is free. Some content is pay per view/subscription. If you become a signed-in user (still free) you can give the videos little hearts on the app to express your enjoyment! It's very satisfying!

BTS Channel

BTS Run - reality/variety show, about 20 min each
Cooking show
Cops and Criminals
High School skit
Winter Olympics
Water Park

Livestreams - between 20-60 min
Celebrating 4 million followers
Christmas gift exchange
Eat Jin

Celebrity Bromance
Jungkook and Minwoo - 2 bros hanging out in a dog cafe
Jungkook & Minwoo season
V & Minjae season

More Vlive?
If you want to go further but don't want to commit to shelling out for a DVD or the like, I would suggest buying the Bon Voyage package on Vlive. It's quite cheap (less than $15 AUD) and you get 8 episodes of BTS travelling through Europe together, plus a live concert/fanmeet and behind the scenes footage. The only drawback is that the paywall content can only be played on a tablet or phone, not a desktop or laptop. (This isn't typical of subscription content - they were unusually strict with this package.)

Bon Voyage episode 0 - free
Bon Voyage episode 1 commentary - free
Bon Voyage & BTS Birthday 2016 - paywall

More BTS?

The BTS Primer by blindmouse was invaluable when I was starting out in the fandom. It's still got a TON of stuff I haven't watched, it is super comprehensive!

BTS on AO3 - and Blindmouse also has fic recs if you want to get started on a few stories.

The official Spotify playlist is pretty good, there's a few songs I'd skip and others I wish were included but overall it's a solid overview of their discography. There is something similar on Apple music, I believe.

BTS official accounts (personal) (official news) (BangtanTV) (BigHit)

BTS fan accounts to follow for translations and news and
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